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Warranty on Our Dental Work in Gainesville, VA

At Atlas Walk Dental, we take our reputation very seriously and stand behind every dental service we provide to our patients, from family dentistry to more complex procedures such as Endodontics & Prosthodontics. When you visit our office, you can expect to receive nothing short of the best. Our Gainesville, VA dentists (Dr. Adi & team) provide exceptional care — it is our passion and our mission — and we never compromise or take shortcuts.

Patients often ask us, how can you offer this while others don't? The answer is simple, we are so confident in our quality of work, we support it with a warranty which very few dental offices have. We will repair, replace, or provide a refund for the restorative dental treatment rendered based on the following guide lines and exclusions for five (5) years from the date of treatment.

Failure to fulfill the following requirements could void the dental treatment warranty:

Terms & Conditions of Our Dental Warranty

You must remain an Atlas Walk Dental client for the warranty to be valid.

You must maintain a reasonable schedule of regular recall appointments at Atlas Walk Dental, to include a minimum of an oral exam every 3-6 months, a cleaning every 3-6 months, bite-wing xrays every 12 months and comprehensive x-rays every 5 years.

You must maintain a good standard of home dental care on all remaining natural teeth with a minimum of brushing and flossing once per day. We will replace the restorative dental work at no additional cost for either materials or labor if there is a failure in the fabrication and if all limitations are met.

The warranty is null and void if the failure of the restorative work is due to abuse or negligence due to any form of mistreatment of the piece. This includes but is not limited to, biting into metal objects, chewing ice, self-adjustments, etc.

The warranty is null and void if the restorative work needs to be removed or is damaged due to a problem with the supporting tooth/teeth including but not limited to root canals, recurrent decay, etc.

The warranty does not include any cost associated with routine maintenance required over the course of its working life.

If the doctor determines a night guard/ occlusal guard or a retainer is necessary to maintain and protect your restorative or orthodontic work, the warranty will be null and void if you do not have one fabricated or if you fail to comply with the recommendation on its usage.

For additional information on our warranty, call the office directly at our Gainesville, VA office at (703) 996-4472. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.