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Your smile may appear disproportionate or “gummy” if you have an overabundance of gum tissue covering your teeth. To improve the look of your smile, our skilled team at Atlas Walk Dental & Orthodontics offers gum contouring procedures to expertly sculpt and reshape your gumline and create a balanced and more attractive grin. Our periodontal specialist uses advanced technique and skill to gently remove excess gum tissue from around teeth in the smile zone to lift the gums and reveal a greater amount of tooth enamel. Gum contouring not only improves your smile aesthetics — it can also minimize the spaces beneath the gums where harmful bacteria like to hide. To enjoy a healthier and better-balanced smile, schedule an appointment today at our state-of-the-art Gainesville, VA dental practice.

Best Candidates

Gum contouring may be an ideal solution to help you enhance your smile and improve your oral health. Gums that sit too low on the teeth may give the appearance of a “gummy smile” or teeth that look to short. Gum reshaping with our periodontist can eliminate this excess gum tissue and lift the gumline for an improved ratio between teeth and gums. You may also be a candidate for gum contouring if you have an uneven gumline, hyperplastic (overgrown) gum tissue due to medications or other factors, or gum disease that results in inflamed gum tissues.

What to Expect

At Atlas Walk Dental & Orthodontics, we take a gentle approach to your care and put your comfort first. We will ensure your gums are thoroughly numb with a local anesthetic before beginning your gum contouring procedure. Sedation options may also be provided to increase your comfort if you prefer. After rinsing and drying your gum tissues, our periodontal specialist will then use a minimally invasive soft tissue laser to gently eliminate excess gum tissue and sculpt an attractive gumline around affected teeth. This process raises (upper arch) or lowers (lower arch) the gumline until the desired proportion between your gums and teeth is achieved. Since an advanced laser technique is used, the tissue is cauterized immediately and bleeding during and after the procedure is minimal. In most cases, gum reshaping is completed in a single visit.


Discomfort following a gum contouring procedure is typically minimal and controlled with over-the-counter pain relievers. Because a laser is used to perform this type of procedure, sutures are usually not necessary. Our team will provide instructions on caring for your gums while you heal. It is important to keep up with your routine dental exam and cleaning visits with our friendly Gainesville, VA team so that we can continue to monitor your gum health. Proper brushing and flossing habits on a daily basis can help keep your new gumline healthy and attractive.

Insurance Coverage

Gum contouring may or may not be covered by dental insurance, depending on whether it is performed for cosmetic reasons or to improve gum health. At Atlas Walk Dental & Orthodontics, our administrative team is happy to contact your insurance provider and determine your coverage benefits. If you have any out-of-pocket costs, we can discuss our convenient payment methods and help you find a financial solution that fits within your budget. We can also provide information on covering personal dental expenses with third-party patient financing through CareCredit®.

Gum Contouring

Gum contouring may help enhance your oral health and reshape your gumline for a more attractive and even smile. This periodontal procedure may be a great treatment option for you if you have a “gummy” smile, an uneven gumline, or overgrown or infected gum tissue. For more information on reshaping and lifting your gumline for better health and aesthetics, talk with our experienced periodontist. Contact Atlas Walk Dental & Orthodontics in Gainesville, VA today to reserve your treatment consultation.

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