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Traditional Metal Braces in Gainesville, VA

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Thanks to modern technology and advancements in the field of orthodontics, traditional metal braces are more comfortable and affordable for patients than ever. Traditional braces use a bracket and wire system to incrementally guide teeth into the proper place in the jaw and offer a range of movement that cannot always be achieved with clear removable aligners. Our multi-specialty team at Atlas Walk Dental & Orthodontics is pleased to offer Gainesville, VA patients an array of orthodontic treatment options to serve a variety of needs.

Dr. Randa Shakashiro, our orthodontic specialist, tailors orthodontic treatment plans for each individual patient to correct a wide range of functional and aesthetic oral health concerns. Many of our patients find wearing traditional metal braces enjoyable, as bands and retainers can be customized to favorite colors or sports team color combinations to show their team spirit at sporting events. For more information on traditional braces for you or your child, schedule at a consultation at our premier Gainesville, VA practice today.

Best Candidates

Traditional metal braces may be an ideal treatment option for children, teens, and adults. Dr. Nguyen uses top-grade stainless steel archwires and brackets strategically positioned on the teeth to create a healthy, straight smile. Conventional braces may be recommended for patients who have crowding, spaces, jaw misalignment, protruding teeth, and underbites, overbites, and crossbites. Dr. Nguyen may also recommend traditional metal braces for patients who would benefit from orthodontic care that is completed in phases. During your treatment consultation, our skilled orthodontic specialist will determine the treatment options best-suited for your smile or your family’s needs and help you choose the method that meets your goals.

What to Expect

To help Dr. Shak create your personalized orthodontic treatment plant, our team will take a low-radiation panoramic x-ray of your teeth and jawbone along with impressions of your mouth. She may have you wear space maintainers between your back teeth for a week before your visit to help create space for the placement of bands around your molar teeth. When we are ready to place your brackets and wires, our team will clean and prep your teeth. Dr. Shak will apply a bonding agent to the front surfaces of your teeth and situate your brackets in place. Once the brackets are mounted, she will thread an archwire through them, which is held in place by small elastic ties. You will have the option of choosing the color of your elastic ties. Dr. Shak will then let you know how frequently you should schedule visits to have your wires changes and treatment progress evaluated.


Because of the brackets and wires, cleaning your teeth with a toothbrush and floss is certainly more challenging. Braces create additional places for food and plaque to collect, so proper, meticulous daily hygiene is imperative to keeping your teeth and gums healthy while undergoing orthodontic treatment. Brushing and flossing after every meal is highly recommended. Our team will demonstrate how to effectively brush and floss around the brackets and wires. We may also recommend helpful products to use while you are wearing braces. To keep your smile healthy, it is important to maintain regular cleaning and exam appointments with our team at Atlas Walk Dental & Orthodontics. Most patients wear braces for about 1 – 2 years; however, Dr. Shak will determine your treatment time based on your unique needs.

Once your treatment is complete, we will remove your brackets and wires and take new impressions for a retainer. Wearing your retainer as Dr. Shak recommends will help to maintain your orthodontic results and keep your teeth in place.


If problems with your braces arise, do not worry. Certain issues are common and can easily be addressed at home or until you can visit our office for repair. Any time you experience the following situations, please try to manage the problem in the following ways and call our office for an appointment:

Loose Wire

Using a pair of tweezers, try to gently push the loose wire back in place. If this cannot be done, you can use fingernail clippers or small wire cutters to clip the wire behind the tooth to which it is attached. Orthodontic wax or sugarless gum can be used to cover the protruding end until you are able to visit our practice for a repair.

Sharp or Poking Wire

If you wire breaks and is poking your cheek, tongue, lips, or gums, cover the sharp end with sugarless gum or orthodontic wax.

Loose Bracket or Band

Brackets or bands that are still attached to the archwire can be left in place but should be reattached by Dr. Shak as soon as possible. You can cover any sharp or uncomfortable areas with orthodontic wax or sugarless gum.

Loose Appliance

A loose appliance can temporarily be stabilized by holding it in place with sugarless gum or orthodontic wax.

Tooth or Jaw Soreness

It is common to experience some soreness in the teeth and jaw following the initial placement of your braces and after you have your wires changed. You can rinse with warm salt water to relieve gum inflammation or take over-the-counter pain medication as necessary to minimize discomfort.

Insurance Coverage

Traditional braces may be more cost-effective when compared with advanced orthodontics systems. Dr. Shak will present your treatment options and our team will review your expected treatment costs so that you can choose the option right for your oral health and budget. If you are using dental insurance, we will contact your representative and review your orthodontic coverage limits. Atlas Walk Dental & Orthodontics accepts most PPO plans and several convenient payment options, including financing through CareCredit®, to help make your family’s care affordable and within reach.

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces may be ideal for patients of any age, including adults, and can help your family achieve straight and healthier smiles. Even with all of the advancements in orthodontics, metal braces are still the ideal treatment choice for many patients. Learn more about your orthodontic treatment options from our experienced orthodontic specialist, Dr. Shak. Contact Atlas Walk Dental & Orthodontics in Gainesville, VA today to reserve your consultation.

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