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Orthodontic treatment can deliver excellent results by creating a straighter, healthier smile. Once you achieve the smile you have always wanted through orthodontics, it is important to wear a retainer to maintain your results. Wearing a retainer as recommended can help preserve the time and financial investment you have made in improving your smile through orthodontic care. A retainer keeps your teeth in their new and proper location while your underlying jawbone stabilizes. To best serve the needs of our patients, Atlas Walk Dental & Orthodontics is proud to offer several high-quality options for fixed and removable retainers. Orthodontic specialist Dr. Nguyenis highly skilled at helping patients maintain their treatment results with orthodontic retainers. For more information on retainers and to learn about the best options for you or your child, schedule a visit with Dr. Shak at our Gainesville, VA practice today.

Types of Retainers

At Atlas Walk Dental & Orthodontics, we partner with professional dental labs that specialize in using top-quality materials for creating orthodontic retainers. Dr. Shak will help you choose the type of retainer based on your individual preferences and treatment needs. Retainers are made for both the upper and lower arches. We offer our patients three different types of retainers:

  • Hawley Retainer: As the most common retainer used by our patients, a Hawley retainer is comprised of wire, molded plastic, and (sometimes) clasps. It can be easily removed when eating and brushing or flossing the teeth.

  • Fixed Retainer: A fixed (permanent) retainer is a wire that is bonded to back surfaces of the front teeth.

  • Transparent Retainer: Similar to clear aligners, a transparent retainer is made of clear, comfortable plastic and can be taken out of the mouth for home care and when eating.

Best Candidates

Dr. Shak recommends that all patients who undergo orthodontic treatment wear a retainer following the removal of braces, regardless of age. Retainers will help to hold your teeth in their new location while your jawbone has a chance to adjust and strengthen support for your teeth. A retainer may also be used in younger children who have mixed dentition to maintain tooth position while their permanent teeth erupt and the jawbone develops. In some cases, retainers may be used to close minor gaps in the teeth or to shift teeth for the purpose of improving speech and oral function.

What to Expect

When your braces are removed and your orthodontic treatment is complete, Dr. Shak will begin the process of creating your retainer. Our team will take impressions of your upper and lower arches and send these impressions to our special dental lab. Retainers typically take about 1 – 2 weeks to fabricate. When your retainer arrives at our office, we will have you come in to receive your appliance and ensure a comfortable fit. During this visit, we will discuss the best way to clean and store your retainer at home and let you know when you will need to wear it.


The length of time retainers must be worn varies among patients. Children may need to wear their retainers until all of the adult teeth have erupted and their jaw has fully developed. Dr. Shak will let you know how long you should continue to use your retainer and at what point you can go from wearing it all day and night to just wearing it while you sleep. When cared for and maintained properly, retainers can last for many years. Normal wear and tear may lead to the need for retainer replacement as time progresses. If you lose or damage your retainer, please let us know right away so that we can begin the process of making you a new one. Without the consistent use of your retainer, your teeth may begin to revert back to their former position. Even going a day or two without wearing your retainer can cause changes in how it fits and may lead to a tight feeling when placing it in your mouth.

Insurance Coverage

Retainers may be included under insurance benefits for orthodontic treatment. Our business team will contact your provider and let you know of any out-of-pocket costs. To make getting the care you need affordable and convenient, Atlas Walk Dental & Orthodontics accepts most PPO plans along with convenient payment options. We can also give you information on convenient third-party financing solutions through CareCredit®.

Fixed and Removable Retainers

Enjoy the lasting results of your orthodontic treatment with a fixed or removable retainer from our Gainesville, VA practice. Regular, consistent use of a retainer can maintain your straight smile while protecting your oral health investment and minimize the need for further orthodontic care in the future. To schedule a consultation for a retainer, contact our friendly team at Atlas Walk Dental & Orthodontics today.

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