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Dental sealants are a simple preventive procedure our team uses to help keep teeth from developing cavities. Made of thin, plastic material, sealants are placed on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. Sealants help to protect against tooth decay by preventing plaque, bacteria, and food particles from becoming lodged in the pits and fissures that naturally occur on premolar and molar teeth. With proper care, dental sealants can last for several years and may help reduce the chance of future treatment needs. At Atlas Walk Dental & Orthodontics, general dentists Dr. Najib Adi and the Atlas Walk staff may recommend sealants for children and teen patients. To learn if dental sealants are ideal for your family’s needs, schedule a dental exam at our Gainesville, VA practice today.

Best Candidates for Dental Sealants

Most cases of cavities among children and teens occur on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. Dental sealants are a preventive measure ideal for children and adolescents and those who are at a higher risk for developing tooth decay in these areas. Sealants are only applied to healthy back teeth that have not received fillings or other dental treatment. Receiving sealants is a very comfortable procedure that does not require anesthesia or the use of a dental drill.

What to Expect

During your child’s dental exam, Dr. Adi or the Atlas Walk staff will examine the teeth and determine if sealants would benefit your child’s oral health. We can then go ahead and place the sealants or schedule a more convenient time for your child to return. To begin the sealant procedure, we first cleanse the chewing surfaces of the teeth with a special toothpaste and cleansing liquid. We then rinse and dry the teeth and apply the sealant material to the chewing surfaces of the teeth in liquid form. A special curing light is used to harden the material and adhere the sealant to the tooth. Our team will then check your child’s bite for comfort.


Since sealants are such a simple procedure, your child will be able to return to their normal daily routine after the appointment. Our team will provide instructions on how to best care for your child’s sealants and what types of foods and activities to avoid for the first few days following sealant placement. Even though sealants help to protect against tooth decay, it is still very important that your child maintain daily brushing and flossing at home. Providing proper care for sealants can help ensure that they last for several years. At your child’s routine checkup appointments, Dr. Adi or the Atlas Walk staff will evaluate the sealants and let you know if they need to be replaced.

Insurance Coverage

Most dental insurance companies cover sealants, at least in part, for children up to a certain age. Since coverage may vary, our business team will contact your insurance provider to learn your particular coverage amounts. We will also let you know of any anticipated out-of-pocket costs before placing your child’s sealants. If you do not have insurance or have personal expenses, Atlas Walk Dental & Orthodontics accepts several convenient payment methods, including patient financing with CareCredit®.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants can be an important part of a preventive care program for your child. They can help protect your child’s teeth from decay and help reduce the need for fillings, crowns, or more complex care in the future. Sealants are quick, easy, and comfortable to place. To learn if sealants are right for your child’s oral health, schedule a dental exam with Dr. Adi or the Atlas Walk staff at our Gainesville, VA family dental practice today.

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