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For some patients, dental problems, accidents, oral trauma, and other difficulties occurring in life may have left their smiles less than perfect. A smile makeover is a custom treatment plan of one or more cosmetic and restorative procedures that can help improve the appearance of your smile and oral health and provide a boost of confidence you may have been missing. General dentists Dr. Najib Adi and our team of specialists at Atlas Walk Dental & Orthodontics have years of experience in providing complete smile makeovers for Gainesville, VA patients. Smile makeovers may include porcelain veneers, in-office or home teeth whitening, dental crowns, or tooth-colored fillings. Specialized procedures like dental implants, bone grafting, and orthodontics may also be incorporated into a smile makeover. If you have cosmetic or restorative dental concerns or are looking for a way to rejuvenate your smile, talk to our team today to reserve your custom smile makeover consultation.

Best Candidates

A smile makeover may be performed to enhance the cosmetic appeal of your smile and to address a series of restorative dental needs. Dr. Adi and team tailor each individual patient's smile makeover plan, which may include a range of procedures. As a comprehensive practice with multiple dental specialists, Atlas Walk Dental & Orthodontics is uniquely qualified to perform your entire smile makeover procedure under one roof.

Cosmetic treatments may include professional teeth whitening to rejuvenate your smile and remove stain or discoloration, and veneers or bonding to correct chipped or misshapen teeth and other smile zone concerns. If your teeth have decay or damage that needs to be restored, we offer high-quality restorations that blend naturally with your smile, including crowns and composite fillings. We can also replace missing teeth with dental bridges or dental implants. Orthodontics and advanced procedures like bone grafting may also be incorporated into a smile makeover treatment plan to meet these types of specialized needs.

Before we begin any cosmetic procedures, Dr. Adi and team will need to examine your mouth and ensure your gums and teeth are healthy enough to receive treatment. Certain oral concerns, such as gum disease, tooth decay, or bite misalignment, may need to be addressed first. Our team will present a treatment plan detailing the order in which your treatments should be completed.

What To Expect

Each smile makeover plan is customized to meet individual goals and needs. Rest assured, Dr. Adi and team will let you know what to expect for each procedure and do everything possible to ensure your visits are positive and anxiety-free. Our team will also give you an idea of how many appointments you will need to complete your treatment. If needed, local anesthesia and sedation dentistry will be used to keep you comfortable. Throughout your entire smile makeover experience. Dr. Adi and team are always happy to answer your questions and cater to your treatment needs.


Our team will provide you with specific post-op and recovery instructions based on the procedures you receive. Once your smile makeover is complete, it is important to maintain your results by keeping regular dental cleaning and exam appointments at Atlas Walk Dental & Orthodontics along with routine brushing and flossing habits each day. With good attention and proper care, your smile makeover results can last for many years to come. You may choose to do touch-up treatments, such as teeth whitening, every few years or so to rejuvenate your smile. Dr. Adi and team will let you know if restorations like veneers or crowns need to be repaired or replaced as the years go by.

Insurance Coverage

Our goal at Atlas Walk Dental & Orthodontics is to help make your smile makeover care as affordable as possible and fit within your budget. Depending on the procedure and your treatment needs, some of your smile makeover treatment may be covered in part by insurance, however, most cosmetic procedures are not. Our financial team will review your insurance benefits and present any out-of-pocket costs before we begin your care. We are pleased to take a number of payment options, including flexible payment plans through CareCredit®.

Custom Smile Makeovers

Get a smile you cannot wait to show off with a customized smile makeover from Atlas Walk Dental & Orthodontics. During your personalized treatment consultation, Dr. Adi and team will review your cosmetic preferences and restorative needs and create a plan to match your needs. Reach out to our friendly Gainesville, VA practice today and schedule your smile makeover consultation.

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