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Teeth whitening can help improve your self-confidence by giving you a whiter and brighter smile. Though numerous over-the-counter options exist for whitening your teeth at home, they do not always deliver the desired results and can cause you to waste your time and money. At Atlas Walk Dental & Orthodontics, general dentists Dr. Najib Adi and team offer professional-strength teeth whitening kits that you can use to brighten your smile at home. These kits are highly convenient and are a safe and effective way to whiten stained or yellow teeth. Our home whitening kits contain custom mouth trays that will make the process more comfortable and more effective since they are made specifically for your mouth. If you would like to enhance the look of your smile with a personalized home whitening solution, contact our Gainesville, VA practice today to schedule your consultation.

Best Candidates

If you wish to brighten your smile from the comforts of home, Dr. Adi or a member of the Atlas Walk team may suggest our professional-grade home whitening kits. You may be a good candidate for home whitening if your teeth appear dull and yellow or brown stains have accumulated over the years. If you have tried whitening products from the store, you may have found them uncomfortable or simply ineffective to meet your desired results. Our team at Atlas Walk Dental & Orthodontics customizes the strength of your prescription whitening gel along with your trays to help you achieve your goals. Your home whitening kit may be used alone to brighten your teeth gradually or following an in-office whitening treatment to help maintain your results.

What to Expect

Before creating your personalized home whitening kit, Dr. Adi or a member of the Atlas Walk team will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, and oral health. Teeth whitening works best if you have recently had your teeth cleaned so shortly after your bi-annual visit for your cleaning and exam is a great time to begin your whitening treatment. Our team will select the best whitening strength and formula for your needs. We will take impressions of your teeth and use these molds to make your teeth whitening trays in our office. Once your kit is ready, we will try in your trays to ensure a proper fit and comfort and give you instructions on how and when to use your kit at home.


The final results of your home whitening treatment will be based on your initial enamel shade, the strength of your whitening solution, and the frequency with which you use your whitening kit. You can stop using your kit once you reach your desired shade. We will provide you with instructions on how to store and clean your whitening trays. Keeping up with a good home care routine and avoiding tobacco products and food and beverages that cause staining can help maintain your treatment results.

It is important to schedule regular routine cleanings and exams with our team at Atlas Walk Dental & Orthodontics so that we can polish away any new surface stains that develop and help you enjoy a bright, healthy smile. Your whitening trays will continue to fit your mouth unless you have any changes to your dentition, such as braces or a new crown placed. If you decide to touch up your smile with whitening in the future, you will likely only need to purchase additional whitening gel.

Insurance Coverage

Since home teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental treatment, it is usually not covered by dental insurance plans. Our team will discuss the treatment cost before taking your impressions. We accept several convenient payment options to help this type of procedure fit comfortably within your budget and can give you information on low-interest financing through CareCredit®.

Home Teeth Whitening

Home teeth whitening is an easy way to brighten your smile when it is convenient for you. At Atlas Walk Dental & Orthodontics, Dr. Adi and the Atlas walk team will combine professional-grade whitening solutions with custom whitening trays to help you achieve the best possible results for your smile. To learn if home teeth whitening is right for you, schedule a visit with our practice in Gainesville, VA today.

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